Product Update July 2019

New features

Multiple users on one Aider account

As an Aider user, you can now invite your colleagues to your Aider account, easily through an in-app invite. This will allow key people in your business to put Aider to work and have access to real-time data too.

At this stage of our product, anyone you invite to your Aider account will have exactly the same access as you, be able to view the same data and can invite additional people. Our user permissions will evolve, stay tuned!

Steps to add another user
Step One: In your Aider app, in the bottom right corner, tap “More”, then tap “Users”

Step Two: Enter the details of your invitee and tap “Send invite”

Proactive Notifications (Did You Knows?)

As Aider gets to know your business it will look for anomalies in your data, potentially a sharp drop in sales or an employee that is habitually late. Aider will proactively send you a text to let you know what’s going on.

Our Data Science team is always working on a new “Did You Knows?”.

Here are our most recent additions:

1. Customer Loyalty

If you have connected your Payments data (Paymark) Aider watches to see if there was a significant increase or decrease in your returning customers, month over month. Aider will also give you some possible indications as to why there might have been such a change. 

Here’s an example of a proactive text from Aider.

2. Monthly Average Daily Cash Flow

If you connect Aider to your Accounting data (Xero or QuickBooks Online), Aider will send you proactive notifications about your monthly cash flow.  

Here, Aider compares last month’s average daily cash received to the previous three months. Average daily cash received is calculated by total cash received divided by the number of days in the month. The same comparison is done for average daily cash spent. 

It’s important to regularly reconcile your accounting data so Aider has the data it needs to give you an accurate “Did You Know?”.

3. Habitual Lateness

Connecting your Rostering data (Deputy) to Aider gives Aider the intel it needs to let you know when your employees are regularly late. 

In this example, Aider looks to see if an employee was late to their scheduled shift yesterday – if that employee has been late before, within the last two weeks, Aider sends you a text to let you know and calculates the average time they were late by.

4. Wage Cost vs. Revenue

Connect your Rostering data (Deputy) and your POS data (Kounta, Vend, Shopify, HospoIQ), Aider is able to combine data from multiple sources to help you get a handle on the full picture. 

In this case, Aider calculates an estimate of last week’s wage cost based on all timesheets as a percentage of total revenue for the week. If timesheets are pending approval, Aider will derive costs based on previous rosters and timesheets. 

Note – To receive this notification you must have your staff pay rates populated on staff profiles in Deputy

New App Integrations

Aider continues to add new integrations for our customers. If you are an Aider customer, you can go ahead and connect as many integrations as you want at no extra cost. Our new integrations include:


Connect a new app:

  1. In your Aider app, in the bottom right row, tap “Apps”
  2. In the top of the screen tap “Available”
  3. To connect one of our new app integrations, tap “Connect” next to the app you want
  4. A box will pop up, tap “Take me to <<App>>”
  5. You will be redirected to a new browser window to authorize the app connection
  6. Enter your credentials for the specific app that you have chosen e.g. for Xero you will be redirected to the Xero login page and you must use your Xero login credentials to grant access
  7. Once your data has been connected, this can take a few seconds to a few minutes, Aider will notify you and you can start querying that app using Aider
  8. The app will now be a “Connected” in the “Apps” section of Aider

Amazon Alexa
To connect Aider with Amazon Alexa, you must first download Amazon Alexa on your mobile phone. From there, follow these steps

  1. Complete steps 1 -3 outlined above. 
  2. After you tap “Connect” you will be redirected to a new browser window to open Alexa 
  3. Open Alexa
  4. Once you are at the Alexa home screen click the center button and say “OPEN AIDER”
  5. Aider will then be connected and you will be able to access your data using the voice assistant

Aider now connects with New Zealand’s leading payments provider. Paymark provides eCommerce and business insights that can now be easily accessed in real-time with the Aider app.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask related to your payments data:

  • What was my credit card breakdown yesterday?
  • What was my revenue for each card category?
  • What was my contactless revenue?
  • How many returning customers did I have this month? 
  • Revenue of new vs returning customers
    And many more…

Aider now connects with Shopify, the commerce platform that allows the user to manage products, inventory, payments, and shipping on and offline.

Aider’s early-stage version Shopify integration allows you to ask Point of Sale questions only, we are actively building our Natural Language Understanding with Shopify. If you are interested in helping us train Aider/Shopify please let us know at
Here are some examples of questions you can ask related to your Shopify data:

  • How many discounts were given last month?
  • How many sales were refunded last month?
  • How many transactions at lunch?
  • What was my worst revenue day this week?
    And many more…

QuickBooks Online
Aider now connects with Quickbooks Online the small business accounting software program used to manage sales, expenses and keep track of daily transactions.
Here are some examples of questions you can ask related to your QBO data:

  • How much do we owe?
  • How much are we owed?
  • What is my gross profit?
  • What are my operating expenses?
    And many more…

Aider now connects with Square the cloud-based, financial and merchant services aggregator, and mobile payment company.
Here are some examples of questions you can ask related to your Square data:

  • What were my top-selling products?
  • What were my sales during breakfast?
  • How many transactions today?
  • What was my best revenue day this week?
    And many more…

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) improvements

We have focused on improving Aider’s understanding of questions related to product sales, roster questions, and customer loyalty and more. Our goal is to allow you to ask questions in your natural language the way you would normally ask it and receive a correct answer.

Your questions and feedback help us improve Aider’s performance. Please make sure to use the up or down vote function and let us know what does and doesn’t work. We look at your feedback every day and make improvements accordingly. 

Google Analytics improvements

Thanks to customer feedback, we have developed several improvements with responses to questions related to Google Analytics. Try asking Aider:

  • What were my website visits this week?
  • How many user sessions did I have this month?
  • What are my new goal conversions? 
  • How many website views did I have last month?
  • How many website hits did I have last week?
  • How many views did my website have yesterday?
  • How many hits does my website have today?

Your feedback is important and helps us make Aider the best possible solution. Please let us know what improvements or additions you would like to see at