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Make smarter business decisions with real-time data

Aider is the digital assistant for you and your business.

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Designed with your busy lifestyle in mind

Aider finds the answers to all your financial, marketing, and staffing questions so that you don't have to. Just ask Aider what you need to know.


Connect the apps you already use

Aider brings together all the apps you already trust to run your business. With Aider, it's simple and fast to access all the data and information you need when you need it.


Control your business from wherever you are

Aider is the digital assistant that you can send a text or ask a question via a voice assistant, like Alexa, to get answers to your questions about sales, staffing, cash flow, marketing and more.

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Why customers choose Aider

alerts on phone

Access information from all of your apps in one place

thinking cog wheel

Make fast, data-powered decisions

bell notifications

Schedule intelligent, daily updates about your business


Put more time back in your day so you can focus on what really matters

aider charts

Jump ahead with proactive analysis and actionable forecasts

aider store

Get smarter about your your business

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Everything you need, and more

Connect all your business apps

Access business data on your mobile device 24/7

Voice & messaging

Communicate with your assistant via voice or messaging

Automate and delegate

Ask Aider to schedule, automate and action business tasks

Aider mobile app ecosystem with Xero

Social media analytics

Monitor and predict your social media performance

Sales & admin management

Track, analyse and automate salesand business tasks

Predictive insights and alerts

Aider learns, predicts and offers important business alerts

Hello, I'm Aider
What are my operating expenses?
Your total operating expenses this month are $3,407.

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Hey, Aider...

What are my operating expenses?
What are my top selling products this month?
How much revenue did I make this week?
When is my GST due?
What is my website traffic for last month?

Customer Stories

How Jeff tailored Aider to his client’s business needs

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Real people, real results.

  • Owner, The Store

    Melissa Macfarlane

    "Aider is great for small businesses owners and managers - the increased productivity that can be had from using data better is really tangible"

  • Owner, The Store

    Jeff Kim

    “It’s about efficiency too. During the day I have so many activities that is not hard to forget something, so I have pop up notifications in Aider to keep me on track.”

  • Owner, The Store

    Kelly Bain

    “Anything that gives me instant access to real-time information, gives me a better insight into the business, and buys me more time for life outside of work – has my attention.”