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Meet Aider

The digital business assistant for cafes and restaurants

Running a cafe or restaurant business means you're constantly on-the-go. Whether it's helping a customer, checking your stock or even taking a sneaky look at the competition.

Aider gives you access to the data you need to manage or grow your business from wherever you are. You’re in total control. The more you use Aider, the more useful it becomes.

Connect your favourite business apps and ask Aider about your cash flow, sales, stock levels (and much more) in a matter of seconds.

It's as simple as... asking Aider.

How Aider works


Step 1

Download Aider and connect your business apps


Step 2

Ask Aider questions
using voice or chat


Step 3

Aider gives you instant answers about your business

Why Aider

AI for Hospitality

“I can ask questions about my business and get answers anytime from anywhere. I can check my website analytics and activity on my social media pages such as comments, likes and reviews. Great advice for my business wherever I am.” 

- Thibaut Aider Customer


  • Answers 24/7 

    Make better business decisions with real-time answers

  • Proactive Alerts & Notifications

    Get notifications and reminders customized to your business

  • Voice & Chat

    Easy communication using chat or connect Alexa for voice commands

  • Business Toolkit

    Track, analyse and automate sales tasks and business admin

  • Automate & Delegate

    Schedule, automate & action business tasks

  • Daily Business Metrics

    Receive a daily summary of key business metrics

  • Social Media Analytics

    Monitor your social media performance

  • Productivity Tools

    Increase productivity across accounting, POS, rostering and payroll



“Aider, how many flat whites did I sell this morning?”

Ever wanted to know your sales in real-time? Aider gives you instant sales information such as product sales, average spend and seasonal differences using your business apps. Get control over your data and boost your sales with Aider.

Managing People

“Aider, who’s working today?”

Without great people, your business falls over. Combined with Deputy, Aider helps you to manage your people with roster management, wage forecasts and sales performance tracking. Manage your people effectively and ensure they feel valued with Aider.

Fast Answers

”How many website visitors have we had today?”

Easily stay on top of your progress, without multiple logins to view your analytics. Connect Aider to Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Schedule daily updates for instant answers, all from one place.


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