How it works

Aider’s Advisory Portal connects Accountants and Bookkeepers seamlessly with Xero when they connect their advisory practices. Xero gives Accountants and Bookeepers the tools to take action, pay invoices, access analytics and see your POS information all in one place. We’ve used the latest AI technology to build a solution to help advisors have easier conversations with their small business clients. By connecting Aider to Xero you’ll be able to message your clients from the portal about their GST payments, cash flow updates and alert them proactively about their tax info. Aider Advisory will help you take action in Xero such as accessing the Xero Dashboard, reports and even the Small Businesses Insights.

Getting started

Connecting your Advisory Practice with Xero is extremely simple.


How is the Aider Advisory helping for accountants and bookkeepers?  

Aider lets you access and manage multiple accounting practices and their clients via one login, so you can see insights from your financial data all in one place.

How do i disconnect a client’s business in Aider from Xero? 

You can disconnect using either Xero or Aider. In Xero, go to Settings, Connected Apps and select Disconnect. In Aider, go to the My Clients section and select the client business you would like to disconnect, Select Edit and select Disconnect Xero.

How does an accountant or bookkeeper invite their clients to join their Aider practice? 

You can invite your clients to the Aider Client App from within the Advisory Intelligence Portal. Simply head to the My Clients section on the left, select the business you would like to invite your clients to and click ‘Invite User’ and send an invitation via email. You can invite as many clients within a business as you’d like.This will allow your client to download the Aider Client App for free. Their business and Xero connection will already be set up for them and they are ready to start asking questions right away!

How frequently is the data synced between Xero and Aider?

Data is synced several times per day to keep it up-to-date and information regarding bills and invoices is real-time.

Where do I see more details about my data at Xero?

Aider will provide you with the most relevant insights and executable actions. For more details, Aider will display options that refer you to different Xero reports to get more granular details.