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Aider is your business digital assistant that helps you be more successful. Save time and know what is really going on your in business by using AI previously only available to the big corporates.


$9.99 / month

  • Connect unlimited business apps
  • Schedule alerts & notifications
  • Customised business insights


A simple tool for a better lifestyle

Aider knows all the answers about what is going on in your small business. Start asking questions, schedule a favourite using Aider and make data-powered decisions on the go.

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Aider brings all your apps together

Stop switching from app to app trying to find the information you need. Aider connects with all the business apps you already use and love to give you the answers you need. Fast.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few questions and answers about Aider's digital assistant.

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What our customers say

  • Melissa McFarlane, Owner, The Store

    Owner, The Store

    Melissa MacFarlane

    “Aider is great for small business owners and managers – the increased productivity that can be had from using data better is really tangible.”

  • Jeff Kim, &Sushi

    Owner, &Sushi

    Jeff Kim

    “It’s about efficiency too. During the day I have so many activities that are not hard to forget something, so I have pop-up notifications in Aider to keep me on track.”

  • Kelly Bain, Bird on a Wire

    Director & GM, Bird on a Wire

    Kelly Bain

    “Anything that gives me instant access to real-time information, gives me a better insight into the business, and buys me more time for life outside of work – has my attention.”