Meet Aider.

The AI assistant for small businesses

Aider gives the power back to businesses by enabling you to ask any question about your business, receive answers and take action on-the-go.

With all your business data in one place you can ask Aider about your sales, bills, inventory and so much more. Aider can schedule tasks, pay invoices, staff, practically anything that makes running your business easier.

Aider saves you time, offers real-time insights and performs tasks so you don’t have to.

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Ask. Insight. Deliver.


Easy Access to your business apps

Get access to critical business data instantly on any device


Make data-led decisions on the go

Make better decisions with real-time insights from all of your business apps


Predict and
take action

Automate tasks and receive critical business alerts customized to your business

The more you use Aider, the more it learns about your business, the more insightful it becomes.

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Connect all your business apps

Access business data
on your mobile device 24/7

Voice & messaging

Communicate with your assistant
via voice or messaging

Automate and delegate

Ask Aider to schedule, automate
and action business tasks


Social media analytics

Monitor and predict your
social media performance

Sales and admin management

Track, analyse and automate sales
and business tasks

Predictive insights and alerts

Aider learns, predicts and offers
important business alerts

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Aider works
hours a day

Available on demand
days a week

What users love about Aider

Aider gives me better visibility across the business. I can tell you how many Eggs Benedict I sold at breakfast this morning.
Johnny, Cafe Owner

Having all my information in one place was a huge time saver. When I’m on the run I can easily ask Aider about sales, invoices, whos on shift, and social media.
Anna, Restaurant Owner

Aider proactively feeds me info that help me stay on top of things. I’m able to make better data-led decisions and share with my team.
Nick, Entrepreneur